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Another article after a long long time... Here it is in 2014 where i'm starting a Reef Aquarium(RA), right here at home in Mauritius.

Basically for those who are not sure of what it is, it's just a saltwater aquarium with marine organisms such as fish, corals, invertebrates etc...

My visit to The Taj Mahal in Agra, India

Friday, 03 February 2012 16:33

A quick blog entry for The Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world... Even on my third visit to the Taj, i felt as if it was actually the first time i've been there! Fantastic... Clearly matches what people describes as the "the epitome of love" or even "a monument of immeasurable beauty".


One would say it's only a tomb, but when you go down the history, the way Shah Jahan built it, the reason he built it, the materials used, the craftsmanship etc... It is as stunning as I'd hoped it would be and an absolute must see in a lifetime.

2012 News...

Tuesday, 10 January 2012 18:56

Oh dear... Been a long time since i've updated my website... But anyway, here's a few lines to start the New Year 2012.

First of all, a Happy New Year 2012 to you all... And i wish you all the best for this new year.

Nowadays not much happening... Just the usual boring life...

Website Update

Friday, 10 September 2010 19:00

Today, 10 September 2010, after 3 years exactly... Here's a quick update to my personal website. On 10 September 2007, i launched my personal website and couldn't really update it as needed...